Dear Greeniac,


Reaksi emosi jangan dituruti kerana implikasinya tidak seperti yang diimaginasi.

Tonight, I’m speechless.. My brother – azizan had approached me to by his hosting.

Actually, I prefer or or anything which is ended with “.net” but anyway .. this is better for me, since I need to use my owned hosting to put my Radio.Blog, images, and anything which is required a hosting. Since I’m not making trouble with my little bros, it is fine with me. 🙂

About MySQL .. I’m totally don’t know about it.. it is database or what haa? I really don’t know. Need somebody to teach me how to use this thing..

And one more thing . .. I need to know about ADOBE PHOTOSHOP or any software which are needed to edit or create any image (graphic) or else .. I really need this skill ..

PHP code?? argh.. hak hak.. there are lots of thing that I really didn’t know ..

Anyway.. talk about today now it is early in the morning, Malay said = “pagi buta” , but my eyes still open .. the domain changed had been settled , and now.. it is time for me to makes a schedule for today ..

  • Appointment with doctor
  • Kemas barang hehe..
  • Buy ticket for two – me & mom to KL this 8th
  • Prepare for 8hb April – going to KL
  • Don’t forget to bring some revision books for MUET Preparation- this 30th April – Writting